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The latest issue of the PLI arte & design magazine, published by ESAD/Escola Superior de Artes e Design de Matosinhos (the Matosinhos Institute of Art and Design), is dedicated to the theme Production.

"In a seminal work from the early 70’s, The Coming of Post-Industrial Society, Daniel Bell expands on the idea that in Western societies the crisis phenomena refer to a divide between culture and society, a confrontation between cultural production and the demands of the economic and administrative system; this confrontation would then be reflected in the way the artistic event infiltrates itself into everyday life and its production space shifts from the studio, gallery or museum to political or administrative spaces. Art and Design would then become, in the words of Daniel Bell, an adversary culture, that is to say, a critique movement to the regulation of everyday life through economic and financial values.

At the beginning of the second half of the 70’s Jean Baudrillard said: “We are at the end of production. This formula coincides, in the western world, with the enunciation of the commercial law of value, that is to say, with the realm of the political economy”. Baudrillard also declared the begging of the “political economy critique”, whose reference is the social production and the mode of production.

The object of this PLI magazine article is this political economy critique, the form that it currently takes, the processes that develop them in the fields of contemporary art and design." José Bártolo

José Bártolo
Sérgio Afonso

Art Direction
Inês Nepomuceno

Assistentes de Edição
Ana Medeiros
Mafalda Martins

Assistente de Arte
Margarida Antunes

Web Design
Diogo Vilar
Hugo Branco
Pedro Pinto


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