S, M, L, XL - Fashion and Design Week
Work developed at ESAD - Project and Communication Department.
S, M, L, XL - Fashion and Design Week, was an event associated with the inauguration of the Fashion and Design Incubator of Fábrica de Santo Thyrso, that consisted on a vast and ambitious programme, with several dialogues between fashion and other creative areas, like architecture, theatre, art, literature, gastronomy, music, photography, among others.

To communicate such a complex and diverse event it was created a dynamic visual system with 10 coloured circles that could be combined with 10 different images related with the different cultural areas.

The circle was used, as the elementary geometric form that could be associated with the concept Gesamtkunwerk (Total work of art) explored in the book La Moda della Moda by Gillo Dorfles that speaks of fashion as a total work of art. This concept can be used as a metaphor for the event itself, where different areas are all-embraced to give rise to a comprehensive artwork.

Kandinsky's work of art "Circles within Circles" was also an important visual reference to create this visual system.

        Circles within a Circle, Kandinsky    Series of posters