The master project explores the designer’s ability to counter an almost inevitable authoritarian uniformity of conventional structures within the global culture, manifesting a critical and reflexive approach, exploring heterotopias or social utopias that allow rethinking contemporary society and the role of the designer in building a future memory of society.
The designer as a cultural catalyst plays a key role in the exploration and redefinition of the realities of strong anthropological and sociological content, immortalizing a number of cultural signs through visual representation.
The object of study, the portuguese tavern, is a concrete example of a really rich cultural signs, that tend to disappear, blurred by cultural phenomena characterized by the fast-forward concept.
The project developed from this object of study is closely related to the concept thinking made visual giving primacy to the work process and the method used in this lab to answer the questions of research, culminating in four additional objects: this theoretical paper, a photographic project, a process book and a poster featuring a visual narrative of the methodology.


Communication Design, Portuguese Tavern,
Visual Representation, Photography